Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I had a thought earlier today, which I wrote down in my journal:

Truth is often best found in the desires God whispers into our hearts.

The older I get, the easier it gets for me to doubt that quiet voice. More often than not these days I feel like God has to shout things into my life. And sometimes I believe this is simply part of being an adult. However, at the same time I believe that it is crucial, the older we get, to still ourselves long enough to hear God's whisperings.

I was talking to a friend when I was back in Texas for a visit. We were discussing how at home I feel in California, in a way that I've never felt in my life. She was asking me why I think I would have been born and lived in a place so long if I didn't belong there (more or less).

As a Christian, I believe God has a plan, but I also believe within that we each have to take our own journey into learning to listen to & trust Him. For me, leaving Texas and moving to California was a huge step on that journey & a scary one leaving my family & friends - my Mom even though I'm her only child (and I cannot tell you how many people I've had ask me how I could do that to her since I moved).

All that said, moving here has been the best thing ever and I'm so grateful to live in a place I feel I belong. And also has helped me learn to trust more and grow and to listen to His whisperings.

Truth is often best found in the desires God whispers into our hearts.

Just a thought.