Sunday, April 25, 2010

Around the Bend

Today is officially 19 days from Graduation Day.

I have my last final on May 7 and I find myself feeling a mix of wishing the days would pass quickly because I'm a little burned out and ready for the next phase of my life; but also trying to enjoy the remaining days of grad school because (having done this once already) I know this is time I will never get back.

Still I have the type of personality that easily lends itself to rushing ahead of ... well, life. Always trying to plan and anticipate what is coming.

Right now I feel like I'm coming around a blind corner and that although the future is just ahead of me I cannot see it, nor anticipate what it will hold. It's a strange feeling. One I haven't had since just before grad school began. It is exciting and scary, but it is good.

Time to step out of the boat once more.